How You Can Help Your Child Be Successful


You can help your child in several ways:

  • Know what your child’s assignments are by checking their Daily Planner. This page is filled out daily in class and is a recording of assignments, quizzes, tests, etc.

  • Have your child share with you the math concepts we are learning in class, showing you what has been recorded as we progress through the curriculum.  Ask your child to explain why these concepts are important.

  • Look over completed work (classwork, homework, and assessments) and make sure that errors have been corrected.

I believe, that with your help, we will have a terrific year.  Your child will receive a progress report and a nine week report card.  Please remember to sign up for the Parent Portal.  It is available to all EPISD parent (s) or guardians. By doing so you will have access to all entered grades and attendance on a daily basis.  Please feel free to email me at  Together we can make a difference!!! We are going to have fun learning!!!

Thank you for your time, considerations and commitment,

Mrs. Boone

Lincoln Middle School