Parent Letter

Dear Parents(s) or Guardian (s):

Welcome parents and students! My name is Leslie Ritchey, and I am looking forward to an exciting year.   I hope to spark your child’s interest in mathematics and to encourage them to take ownership.

The curriculum is designed to engage your child, which facilitates active participation through discovery, questioning, hands-on activities, the use of technology and cooperative learning. In class we will be exploring “big ideas,” which are important clusters of related concepts, skills, procedures, and ways of thinking. These big ideas will encourage each child to explore concepts, develop strategies, and formulate ideas. We will be using various resources to explore, question, and connect math concepts. This is an enriched, fast paced program. Due to the pace of the program attendance is vital. It is important to understand that this curriculum is problem-centered and designed to embed mathematical concepts in engaging problems so that students may “dig deeper.”


To receive credit, students must write the problem (if applicable) and show all work done to obtain an answer (this helps me assess students’ thinking). “Answer only” papers are unacceptable.

Make Up Work

Please refer to the EPISD Policies for questions concerning excused vs. unexcused absences.

Late Work

Turning work in on time is crucial because math is sequential. If your child falls behind it becomes a daunting and overwhelming task to catch up to their peers. 

Lincoln provides a school planner to help students schedule school work as well as their extra-curricular activities.  It is an essential tool for the student and a great way for parents to help their child stay on task.

Please be aware of the following rules for turning in late work:  Up to three days 15 points off. 

After 4 days late, no credit will be given without a parent and student conference (parents & student have 5 days to request opportunity to complete assignment – grade will be no higher than 70%). If there are special circumstances, please contact me as soon as possible.

Homework Philosophy

Homework should not be looked at as simply a way to satisfy grade requirements, but rather as an opportunity to practice and eventually master what is being taught; it is an opportunity to take risks and make mistakes.   Students will be given plenty of opportunities to take risks and make mistakes; they will not be penalized for risk-taking or for the errors that may result. On the contrary, students will be given the chance to correct and learn from their mistakes.

Fix Its

“Fix Its” are an opportunity for students to earn back points on assignments. (Please see details on my webpage)

Math Workshops/Tutoring

Tuesdays and Thursdays

2:50 PM – 3:30 PM

Classroom Rules

M anage your irreplaceable class time

A sk questions if you need clarification

T urn in work on time (math is sequential if you fall behind building on what you know is more difficult)

H ave all necessary tools (pencil, eraser, paper, binder, and an eager mind)



Call/letter to parent

Other miscellaneous incentive


1st Offense:  Verbal Warning

2nd Offense: Teacher-Student conference and/or seat change

3rd Offense: Student behavioral contract & contact parents

4th Offense: Student and parent tribe conference

5th Offence: Office Referral – Severe offenses will result in immediate office referral

Please note that the above stages are for minor classroom infractions only.


In order for your child to be successful it is imperative that you are informed. I will make myself available through email for questions, comments or concerns and I will post assignments (subject to change) on my web page on a daily basis. It is imperative that you access Parent Portal on a regular basis to keep up with your child’s progress. If you have questions or concerns about Parent Portal, please visit the front office.  If you would like to contact me or make an appointment to see me, you may call the school at 236-3400. Please allow at least 24-hour notice for a conference.



Count                    Item

1                         2" Binder with closing zipper

                           (this will hold content material for ALL subjects)


2 or 3 pack of Kleenex

2 or 3 pack Lysol wipes




1                                   5 Subject Spiral (Math)

1 pack                         Dividers with pockets

1 pack                           Sheet Protectors

1-2                               Loose wide-ruled filled paper (replenish as needed)

1                                  Pocket 3 hole Homework folder 

1 Zippered School Supply Bag (replenish supplies as needed)

*Red pens *Index cards *Dozen sharpened pencils *Glue sticks

*Ear buds *Scissors*Pack Highlighters *Dry Erase Markers

*Closed sharpener*Box colored pencils of 8 colors or more* Erasers

*Markers (sharpies not permitted on campus)



How you can help your Student

You can help your child in several ways:

  • Know what your child’s assignments are by checking their Daily Planner. This page is filled out daily in class and is a recording of assignments, quizzes, tests, etc.
  • Have your child share with you the math concepts we are learning in class, showing you what has been recorded as we progress through the curriculum.  Ask your child to explain why these concepts are important.
  • Look over completed work (classwork, homework, and assessments) and make sure that errors have been corrected.

I believe, that with your help, we will have a terrific year. Your child will receive a progress report and a nine-week report card. Please remember to sign up for the Parent Portal.  It is available to all EPISD parent (s) or guardians.  By doing so you will have access to all entered grades and attendance on a daily basis.  Please feel free to email me at  Together we can make a difference!!! We are going to have fun learning!!!

Thank you for your time, considerations and commitment.



Mrs. Ritchey

Lincoln Middle School, 6th Grade Math