Share Tables

Share Tables
Posted on 05/04/2017
LunchIn an effort to decrease food waste and combat food insecurity and hunger in our student population, Food and Nutrition Services is implementing share tables. These share tables are one technique that is being used by many school districts across the state and throughout the nation to help solve these issues.

Any students who have unopened milk containers or unopened/wrapped/sealed fruit or vegetable servings on their lunch tray may place these items on the share table 
before going to the trash can.  Unopened milk containers will be placed in an ice bath on the share table.

Students who are still hungry after they have finished their own lunch can go to the share table and select one or two items off the share table to eat during their lunch period.  There will be supervision provided by the cafeteria monitors at the share table and near the trash can area.

Thank you for your support in assisting us to combat food waste and childhood hunger!