Class Rules


Every student is entitled to an education free of distractions from behavior that impedes teaching and learning. In order to achieve this environment, students are expected to follow 5 simple rules:

1.  Arrive to class with required materials before the tardy bell rings.

2.  Respect others and use courteous language.

3.  Listen to and follow directives the first time they are given.

4.  Raise hand to be recognized to speak or leave seat.

5.  Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

The consequences are as follows:

1.  Verbal warning

2.  Teacher-student conference and/or seat change if necessary.

3.  Student behavioral contract and contact parents

4.  Parent conference with 6th grade tribe

5.  Office referral--Severe offenses will result in immediate office referral

Notice:  It is a school wide rule that gum, food and drinks are prohibited in class

**Please be sure to sign and return one of the 2 copies your child receives on the first day of school.