Class Procedures

Backpack.pngClass Procedures

1.  Students must copy the daily activities into their planner upon entering the classroom.

2.  Students are expected to properly write their heading their papers with the following information at the right hand corner of the paper, in the following manner: 

                                                                          First & last name

                 Title, if needed,  is to be written on the first line.​         

3.  Papers without a name will be placed in the class period folder located ​on the chalkboard.  It is the responsibility of the student to find their paper and write their complete heading and return to the teacher for grading. 

4.  If a student earns a 69 or less on an assignment, quiz or test, it is the student's responsibility to redo the assignment or make corrections within 3 days for a maximum grade of 70.  Depending on the assignment, a similar alternate assignment might be given.  Tests and quizzes must be corrected or retaken in the classroom and not at home.  Any assignment taken home for corrections or redo must be signed by a parent.