Class Supply List

Supply List

2 small composition notebooks (the small cow spotted type, any color/design)

wide rule paper, any color is fine

5 dividers  to be labeled: Eng. Handouts, Read. Handouts, Notes, Graded Assign., Homework

1 pocket folder with clips,

blue or black pens

1 red pen

1 highlighter, any color

1 Expo type dry erase marker, any color, except yellow--can't be seen well

#2 wood or mechanical pencils

pencil sharpener that comes with a base that holds pencil shavings

screen wipes for student to clean their assigned ipad

an inexpensive set of earbuds with mic for the ipad

a dictionary and thesaurus to be kept at home for home use

FIRST PERIOD ONLY:  If possible, a donation of 1 box of tissues would be very much appreciated.  They are not provided by the school and are much needed for the cold and allergy seasons.  With over 100 students, 6-8 boxes are used per month.

Thank you!