Farah, Anne


Time for the Return of Our Wood Duck

Woodie, our resident Wood Duck,

who has returned to live with us

for the past 7 years.



           Anne Farah 

Whew!  The students have finished the first nine weeks of the year, and have learned many things about being in middle school.  I will continue to work with them on using their planners and their binders to keep themselves organized.  Please feel free to check their Humanities binder and help them keep it organized.  Assignments they are currently working on should be under the ASSIGNMENTS tab in their binders.  

Please note the Supply List for this year on this website.  We will be starting their Research project for the year soon, and the students will 3X5 cards with lines on them to take notes on.
Also several students are in need of pens, both black and red.  Please make sure they have these.

We have done many fun projects with The Trojan War in order to make it more interesting and to help the students comprehend the story.  We are almost finished with The Trojan war and will be moving on to The Bronze Bow soon.
If you wish to contact me, you can email from the Contact Me tab on this web page.  It goes straight to my school mail which I check several times a day.   You can also email me at afarah@episd.org or call the school for an appointment at 236-3400.