Farah, Anne


Time for the Return of Our Wood Duck

Woodie, our resident Wood Duck,

who has returned to live with us

for the past 7 years.



           Anne Farah 

Wow, the year has flown by.  The students have grown from timid 6th graders to much more confident middle school students ready to tackle 7th grade.

We are starting our last major project of the year...our digital news magazine.  The students have come up with many topics that fit the theme of "Taking A Stand In History.  They will each select their own topic this week and begin their in-depth research on it.  We will be using joomag.com to lay in our news magazine, so the students will be learning this application while working on their articles.  Please check your child's progress on this project as there are many different parts to creating their digital news magazine.  Please email me at afarah@episd.org or call the school 236-3400 if you have questions.  I can't wait to see their final product.  

We will finish their year reading, working on writing and grammar, and social studies.
Thank you for sharing your students with me this year.  They have been a joy to work with.
Anne Farah