Hines, Christy

Hello My Name Is..

Christy Hines

I currently teach 8th Grade Humanites as well as 7th & 8th Grade Speech here at Lincoln.

I graduated from UTEP in December of 1987 with a BA in English Literature. My teaching career began in 1988 at Crestline Academy, a small, accredited secondary alternative school.  After teaching there for two years, I returned to UTEP for secondary certification.  I returned to the classroom in 1991, teaching 8th grade English, Honors English and Speech at Eastwood Knolls until 1995.  I went back to school with my youngest son when he entered kindergarten at St. Mark's in 2000.  In my five years at St. Mark's I taught both kindergarten and 2nd grade.  I made the move to Lincoln in 2006, joining my oldest son when he was in 7th grade.  

My favorite part of teaching is truly getting to know "my kids."  Not only do I learn from them, they fill my heart with hope for the future.  I've met some incredible young adults who will no doubt do amazing things!