Zozzaro, Sara


Welcome Parents and Students!!! 


Welcome to 7th grade Humanities! As you know, the GT curriculum is novel based, integrating reading, English and social studies (Texas history).  Since we are now a No Excuses University School, as well as approved IB school, we will be using these approaches in our teaching and learning, in addition to the Active Learning Framework adopted by EPISD. I want this year to be successful for everyone. If for any reason you are having difficulty with an assignment, please come see me well before the assignment is due, not the day before it is due. Below are policies and procedures I have in place to help students get organized, manage their time, plan accordingly and take ownership of their learning in order to have the most successful year possible!



PLANNERS & DUE DATESStudents are required to keep a planner, which will be provided.  It will help you plan and schedule your work, as well as your extra-curricular activities. You will always know what is going on for the entire week, including all reading assignments and notes for the week.  However, lessons and projects sometimes take more, or less, time than planned, so due dates do sometimes change.  Homework for the week will remain posted in class as well as on my calendar on the school website (Lincoln.episd.org – Go to “Directory” then “Humanities” then “Sara Zozzaro” then calendar for all due dates and homework.)  There is absolutely no reason for a student to not know what their homework is or when an assignment is due!!

HOMEWORK:  Students will have assigned novel reading and social studies on an almost nightly basis.  Students should also take notes on their social studies readings by hand. My hope is that they will find a note taking system that works for them now while they are in middle school, as it is such an important skill all through their academic career. Your textbook for the year will be Texas History.  You will have an online edition rather than a hard copy.  Please come see me immediately if this presents any problems so we can try to get a hard copy issued to you.

LATE WORK:   If you use the tools provided (planner and online calendar) you shouldn’t have any late work.

  • One to five days late: Minus 15 points (maximum grade = 85)
  • After one week – three weeks:  Maximum grade of 50
  • Late assignments will not be accepted after three weeks

RE-DOING QUIZZES / ASSIGNMENTS:  Per district policy, students may re-do any assignment below 70. Students wishing to re-do an assignment from the previous week must come in on Tuesday or Thursday after school. Both grades will then be averaged for the replacement grade.

MAKE-UP WORK:  Make-up work is YOUR responsibility. Per district policy, you will have one day for each day absent to make up your work. When you return after an absence, it is YOUR responsibility to ask me what you missed.  Reading assignments will be given on Monday for the entire week AND are posted online on my calendar.  If you are absent, be sure to keep up with your reading, as you will be held accountable for that material when you return. Plus, it’s really hard to catch up when you fall behind!  Make-up work / handouts will be placed in the file trays according to class teams.

GRADES & CLASSWORK:  Students and parents are encouraged to check grades on a regular basis on Student / Parent Portal through TEAMS. Since all assignments count in the overall average, I enter all grades in the “Reading” section, so this is where you will find your child’s actual average. You may receive a notification that your child has a missing assignment; if you check that assignment and no grade is entered in TEAMS that simply means I haven’t graded or entered it yet. However, if you see NHI for a grade, that stands for “Not Handed In” and counts as a zero, and the notification would then be that your child had a grade that was below passing on a specific assignment.  We do read various novels throughout the year.

  • Penmanship counts! Your handwriting must be legible.
  • Black or dark blue ink is preferred for handwritten work.
  • Use only white, loose-leaf paper for all work that is handed in for grading
  • Students are expected to take extremely good care of their individually issued novels and will be expected to REPLACE any lost or extremely damaged books.


  • Prompt – be on time
  • Prepared – bring all materials and assignments
  • Positive – encourage one another
  • Polite – be kind and respectful in word and deed
  • Participate – be engaged in all lessons


  • Positive praise
  • Warrior Way ticket
  • Pick a prize


  • Verbal Warning
  • Conference with Student
  • Parent Contact
  • Detention
  • Parent Conference
  • Office Referral

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  My email address is sezozzar@episd.org (checked frequently throughout the day. I am looking forward to a wonderful year getting to know you and your child!  Thank you for your support!