Word, Angela

Ms. Word

Ms. Angela Word
8th Grade US History
8th Grade J1 for High School Credit

#LincolnWarriorPride   #IamEPISD 

My name is Ms. Word and I am in the process of pursuing my Masters of Education in Social Sciences at the University of Texas at El Paso where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Media & Humanities. This is my third year at Lincoln Middle School where I began my teaching career in December 2014.  

This year I am an active member of the PBIS Board which supports the Warrior Way Program on campus.  I serve as an Academic Coach for The Young Scholars Bowl, UIL Social Studies, UIL Journalism, UIL Spelling Bee, and serve on the Geography Bee Committee.  This year we are also launching a TedEd Club on campus.  I hope to help my students gain the confidence and courage to approach new challenges and celebrate success.

Please continue to check-in for updates, activities, and hints as to how you can get the most of our being a member of the Lincoln Middle School team. If you have any questions or comments please email me at acword@episd.org