Arras, Ruth
Bienvenidos a las clases de Español 1, Español 3 Pre-AP Español 4 AP!!!
Welcome to the Exploratory Languages (6th grade).......:)

En el salón de Ms. Arras todos trabajamos y cooperamos con una sonrisa!!!

El uso de la tecnología es un implemento de la clase al igual que los proyectos y trabajos en grupo!!!

Vamos a Trabajar, Vamos a Aprender, Vamos a Ayudar, y Vamos a Respetar a nuestros compañeros…!

Prepárense para un Excelente Nuevo Año Escolar!!!!!

Exploratory Languages is working in a Power Learning Task. Your individual essays are due on Monday May the 1st!!! If you don't have your work as collaboration for  your group you will be working on your own!!! Time for this project 3 - 4 weeks

Students must turn in late work in three week period, after that I won't accept any late work. You know your specific days and the calendar for in-class work - homework - testing - projects and presentations

Testing Dates May 24th - 25th - 30th - 31st
Final test Spanish 1SL will cover Units 3A - 6B Multiple Choice, Short questions and 3 essays. Open questions will count as an extra credit!!!!
Final Test Spanish 3 Pre-AP Unit  3 Realidades cubriran diferentes secciones de hablar, escribir, leer y escuchar.
Final Test Spanish 4 AP Encuentros Maravillosos Unidades 2 -3 - 4 - 5.

You All can go to links in this SITE and practice  for your test accordingly to your book.... Practice - Practice - Practice - Succeed!!!!

In Ms. Arras' Class Character Counts

Click on your class to see any updates, work and homework.... :)
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important information for all students using easybridge

For us not to get confused about episdpearson website which is flipped and blended classroom the link is as follows:  EPISDPEARSON
Click on it and will take you to the right site where the interactive book is located and the assigned homework!!! Students must know their user name and password.

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  • Late work will be accepted according to 100% completion, readable, clean, and neat! Uncompleted work won't be accepted.  

  • Work for Unit 6 will  be accepted till tomorrow May the 10th  as the 4th time I'm grading  it!!!! If you don't have your work with you I wont accept it later!!!! Spanish 1 SL

All the work that is not finish in class has to be done at home.  Most important, if this work is a project and I gave 3 – 4 weeks to work in the class and I specify the due date for presentation, the students have to be responsible to have their final product ready to present!!!