Class Rules
Posted in my room, C12 as well as each parent received a copy the first week of school.

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

I would like to welcome you and your child to the start of a new school year here at Lincoln.  We are going to have a very busy and productive year filled with exciting learning and school events.

Knowing and working towards a positive year my belief is that interaction between teacher and parents strengthen the feeling of support children need for success in school. Setting goals is a way to create an atmosphere of open communication regarding your child’s progress and behavior in both home and school.  In order to accomplish this, I need your help.

There are 5 Golden Rules for this classroom and are listed below:

  1. Students are to come to class prepared to work and learn when the tardy bell rings.
  2. Students will show respect for others and the classroom.
  3. Students will comply with the “Student Code of Conduct Rules”.
  4. No Food or Candy is allowed in class, except bottle water.
  5. When the bell rings to leave, students remain seated until dismissed by teacher.

Consequences If Rules Are Not Followed

1st Incident – Warning

2nd Incident – Student/Teacher Conference

3rd Incident – Parent Conference

4th Incident – Referral to Office

There will be a few supplies that all students will need for this class.  The supply list is as follow, all students will need to bring these items the first week of school,

  1. One package of 150 loose leaf notebook paper, to be kept by me to use throughout the year.
  2. One box of Kleenex, to be kept by me to use throughout the year.
  3. One bottle of Hand-Sanitizer, to be kept by me to use throughout the year.
  4. Their own pencils, pens, both blue and black and one red to be used by them daily.

Throughout the school year, you as parents, using EPISD Parent Portal can go on and see your child’s progress.  Any concerns, questions Parent Portal can be used to email as well.  In case you do not want to use Parent Portal my email address is I can be reach at 915-236-3400 as well, leave a message and I will call back.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to teach your child this school year and together we will have an outstanding 2016-2017 school year here at Lincoln Middle School.




Steven Kurtzrock

7th Grade Social Studies                         




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