Nahrgang, Juli

Conference Time 8:43-9:28 & 11:38-12:23

Reading is suceeding!

I am very excited to begin the 2016-2017 school year at Lincoln Middle School.  This is my 12th year teaching 6th grade language arts. I was a Navy wife and had the opportunity to teach all over the United States and on the island of Okinawa, Japan.  This is my 9th year teaching at Lincoln, and I believe all of my past teaching positions have given me valuable life experiences that will provide your child with a year of unique and beneficial learning opportunities.

Let me take a minute to tell you little bit about myself.  My name is Juli Nahrgang and I grew up in Downers Grove, a suburb of Chicago, and later moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia where I attended 8th -12th grade.  I returned to Illinois to attend Augustana College where I received my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and met my husband, Lamont. After college I taught in Minnesota where I also attended Crown College to add Early Childhood to my degree.  My husband  joined the Navy and I was given the opportunity to live and teach in Wisconsin, Japan, Florida, and Mississippi. We decided to plant roots in El Paso after my husband left the Navy, and we have now been here for 8 years with our three children. My oldest son, Connor, is a junior at Baylor University, and my twins, Callen and Linnae, are seniors at Franklin High School.

I feel confident that this will be an enjoyable and exciting year.  I understand the importance of being your child's teacher.  Expectations are high, but with guidance, support, and well defined goals, everyone will succeed. In order to provide a learning environment conducive to learning, the following rules will be implemented:

CLASSROOM RULES: As a member of this class I will
1.  Show respect to myself, others, and the classroom.
2.  Be prepared and give my best effort.
3.  Do nothing to keep the teacher from teaching, and anyone, myself
   included, from learning.

CONSEQUENCES: If I choose to break the school rules the result will be
1.  Verbal warning
2.  Teacher-student conference
3   Student will fill out the Warrior Rewind (reflection activity) and a   
     parent will be contacted 
4.  Tribe meeting with parent and student
5.  Detention after school
6.  Office referral

District policy will be followed for make-up work.  Students will be allowed the number of days absent in which to turn in make-up work.  The responsibility to obtain make-up work lies with the student. Tests missed during an absence will be made-up  after school.

Correct and complete work will qualify for a 100% if received by the due date, 85% if turned in by the final due date.  Student will have 2 days after the due date to turn in assignments. Students will have a five day time period to re-do all assignments lower than 70%.  Students that receive a zero for an assignment that was not turned in by the due date have 5 days to request a recovery assignment. Redo assignments and recovery assignments must be completed after school during tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students will receive a zero for academic dishonesty and will not be eligible for a recovery grade.

1.  Wide ruled 8.5x11 loose leaf paper
2.  Pencils
3.  Colored pencils
4.  2 Pocket folders (without brads)
5.  Composition notebook
6.  Black Expo marker
7.  1 Box of facial tissue/ disinfecting wipes (period 1 only)
8.  Pencil sharpener with lid
9.  Red pens

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I am looking forward to meeting you.


Juli Nahrgang