Boone, Deborah

6th Grade GT and General

Mrs. Boone

Lincoln Middle School



             Remember that I am here to help our students understand content. I am available for tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:50-3:30 for students that have questions or need help understanding a concept. 
             Graded papers are returned to students on Mondays.  Fix Its are due the following Monday. If a student makes below a 70 on any classwork assignment they may do a "fix it." A Fix It on a classwork grade can be completed at home or at tutoring. However, students must show all work and explain the mistake that was made. If a student completes the Fix It within the required time frame, and corrects the mistake, a grade of 70 will be given on that assignment. 

               If a student makes a grade below a 70 on a test they must attend tutoring so we can work on their understanding and help them to bring that grade up to a 70.

              Please be sure to check your student's planner on a daily basis. This will help you stay informed and up to date on assignments and tests. Make-up work for absences is the responsibility of the student. Please read school board policy for make up work.