Fix Its
Fix its:

  • Must have the heading of each assignment 
  • In the heading box, on the far right, you must indicate how many questions you got wrong 
  • Under the boxed heading you must correct all the questions (in pencil) you got wrong and you MUST SHOW ALL YOUR WORK to receive credit for your fix its. If you only put the answer you will not receive any credit!
  • Fix its are an opportunity for you to earn back points, if you chose not to fix your work then you will lose points for every question that you got wrong. 
  • Fix its are due within 3 days from graded and handed back and if the fix it sheet is not correct I will not take it. It is your responsibility to turn in the fix its in the proper format to receive credit for missed questions.
  • Please see the below attachment for a sample fix it page. Keep in mind that fix it pages will change depending on the number of assignments in the packet and that the sample is from a previous packet. 
  • If you have any questions about your fix it page please see me before it is due. If you are asking questions about your fix it page the day it is due, it is too late