Supply List

Dear Student and Family,

Our 6th grade math department has put together a supply list for the upcoming 2016-17 school year.   Welcome to Lincoln and we look forward to another productive school year. 

 1-5 Subject spiral notebook with pockets

 2-Dry Erase Markers

 3- Boxes of #2 (10-12 count) pencils

 2- Packages of wide ruled paper

 4- Glue sticks

 3- Highlighters (different colors)
 2-Tissue boxes

1-Disinfecting wipes
(used to help keep classroom sanitized) 

2- Red pens

1- Miniature (baby size) stapler with staples 

1- Sharpener with cover

2- Pink Erasers



  Piggybank.pngKeep in mind most of these supplies can be used in multiple classes
             if kept in a pencil pouch. 

                                                              Thank you,  Leslie Ritchey